The Safety Hook is designed in Australia to improve load handling WHS, and is made from quality carbonate (hook and end cup) with a fiberglass handle, finished in enamel for durability. It is chemical and solvent resistant.

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Benefits of the safety hook include:

  • Insulated
  • Portable
  • Light weight
  • Highly visible
  • Easy to extend
  • Comfortable grip
  • Strong hook
  • and much more…

Safety Hook is ideally suited for jobs such as:

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Safety Hook is designed as a tagline rope safety guide to keep riggers and dogmen from standing under suspended and moving loads. Safety Hook is not a lowering or lifting device.

Typically a tag line hangs from the load and by using the hook to stay further from the load the risk of injury in the event of the load collapsing or unbundling is significantly reduced.

Safety Hook is best used for gathering up the taglines as the loads are lowered into position. The tag lines should be 16mm fibre rope and is used to steer the load as it is moved or lowered into position.

Safety Hook can also be used with the slings and light weight chains that will be secured to a load as they are lowered so the dogman/rigger can stand clear of the load while gathering the tag line as the load is lowered into position.

A further hook which has small teeth is also available on the Safety Hook to provide finder control of ropes and slings as they are lowered.

Other features and benefits of the safety hook:

  • easy to extend and retract safely from 320mm to 1m
  • foam handle for easy and comfortable grip
  • lanyard eye in handle for safe use in height work
  • clips easily onto work belts
  • hooks easily onto scaffold or handrail of elevated work platforms and scissor lifts
  • pulls slings, tie down straps, light chains and webbing across truck beds and other out of reach places
  • keeps the rigger/dogman away from the loads
  • retractable when not in use

Whether you are the safety manager of a construction company or a rigger or a dogman working with cranes and loads you will find that the safety hook is a handy inclusion to your onsite equipment.

Designed in Australia after years of working in the industry and observations of thousands of load handling situations the Safety Hook is a patent pending design with specific Workplace Health and Safety benefits. Australian Patent Application # 2014277845

Hooks onto safety rails and scaffold

Grabs onto crane slings and chains while you stand clear

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